toast--to-the-spoopy said: You are so beautiful you just made my jaw drop. 10/10 you should model.

ah what! my picture is a couple of years old haha i should change it, but thank you you are as well~

sorrowfulmidwest said: It looks like we have the same birthday

this is great happy birthday!!!!! :v)

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Conor Oberst - Ladder Song - live & dedicated to Robin Williams Freiheiz…

This tugged on my heart strings.

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Looking for a serious roommate to look for apts with!


North Jersey/New York area is preferred

prefer female[s] 18-25

must have a job and be responsible

but also must know how to party responsibly 

cats are cooool 

I’m really laid back and cool with almost anything

willing to meet up and discuss things, if interested shoot me a msg~

[I haven’t found a place yet, I want to find one together that suits me and you]


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Conor Oberst- 7/27/14

is that a real baby in the corner it looks like a potato
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